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The Function And Accessories Of The First Aid Kit
Oct 27, 2017

First aid supplies are fully sealed packaging in the first aid box, although the first aid box to waterproof, but double insurance for the life to be saved is more secure. Try to select medicines that do not cause strong allergic reactions, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.First Aid Kit 

Otherwise, they will be killed in the case of panic or ignorance! First aid boxes are best for those with sturdy handles or hooks, and in some cases you'll need to hang the first aid kit to do some climbing, which is more convenient. In the first-aid box, always have a good pen and book, always pay attention to record the patient's situation, in the hospital when the doctor will thank you for doing so.First Aid Kit List of trauma treatment tools: bandages, alcohol cotton, alcohol, medical tape, surgical gloves, alcohol cotton tablets, triangular bandages, sterilization yarn, cloth, surgical suture needle, mouth to face respirator mask, band-aid. List of common diseases drugs: non-penicillin antibiotics, intestinal sedatives, gastrointestinal sedatives, painkillers, fever tablets, oil, nasal mint oil, ulcer stickers, potassium permanganate, lifesaving drugs (antibiotics, painkillers, hemostatic drugs).First Aid Kit Other accessories: Multifunction knives, pens, notebooks, flashlights, vitamin effervescent tablets, thick po, space blankets. The Trauma treatment equipment classification carefully wrapped in transparent plastic bags, oil, alcohol, pens and other supplies should be used candle wax to seal the lid to prevent evaporation, flashlight and other electrical products should be inverted battery to prevent inadvertent impact inverted automatically open and run out of power.First Aid Kit

Pressure bandaging method: for small veins and capillary bleeding, such as the use of the underground towel can be directly tied to the bleeding site to reduce bleeding.First Aid Kit 

Tourniquet method: The use of rubber tubes, towels, avoid ropes, wire, detonator line, so as not to tie too long caused by the distal ischemic necrosis or injury. such as: 1/3 on the upper arm of the transverse nerve bleeding. Should be tied to the top of the wound. Hemostatic method: Mainly used for forearm, hand and calf. The foot of the bleeding method is to put cotton pads or cloth pads in the fossa or nest, so that the elbow joint or knee flexion as far as possible, and do 8-shaped dressing. Filling Hemostasis method: such as soft tissue damage local defect, as far as possible to find a clean cotton pad or gauze, towel filling the defect, and then bandaged can.First Aid Kit