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Process Analysis Of Hydrocolloid Plaster
Oct 12, 2017

The fire system consists of industrial water systems and process water systems. Industrial water from the crew to fill the water, after the filter into the industrial tank, mainly used for cooling desulfurization assembly large auxiliary equipment, such as wet ball mill oil cooler water, wet ball mill bearing cooling water, the cooling machine and Sealed water and so on. This sector of water can be reclaimed, not including the desulfurization system water consumption. Desulphurization system Process water is generally derived from recirculating water drainage, which is used to provide sufficient water to compensate for the loss of water in the operation of the desulfurization system.Hydrocolloid Plaster

When the desulfurization system is stable, the desulfurization system is the control body, and the sum of the water replenishment in the system should be equal to the sum of the water consumption. In general, the desulfurization system of the water droplets are mainly defogger rinse water, limestone slurry preparation system replenishment, vacuum belt dehydration machine filtrate, filter cake rinse water replenishment, GGH rinse replenishment, oxidizing air humidification cooling water and absorption tower Pipelines and other occasional rinse water; and desulfurization system water consumption mainly includes the flue gas away the steam, flue gas carrying liquid water, gypsum away the amount of water and waste water.Hydrocolloid Plaster

In the actual operation of the desulfurization system of the electromechanical group, the change of the water supply is adjusted with the water level of the absorption tower as the reference, so as to realize the balance between water replenishment and water consumption. Analysis of water droplets is the basic and fountain for analyzing the characteristics of water consumption in desulfurization systems. Through the analysis and calculation of the water consumption of each water consumption, this paper establishes the water consumption mold of the desulfurization system, finds out the main factors that affect the desulfurization and water consumption, and provides the theoretical basis for the prospect of the water consumption forecast and further water saving optimization of the desulfurization system.Hydrocolloid Plaster