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Performance Analysis Of Hydrocolloid Plaster
Sep 06, 2017

     Hard tempered gypsum powder is a composite gypsum powder that is harder than cement. It has the advantages of hard rock, smooth surface, no flower, no powder, waterproof, fireproof, environmental protection, light weight, suitable for manufacturing all kinds of crafts, moulds, ceilings, decorations, gypsum line, gypsum board, sculpture, etc. need ultra-high strength, hard, waterproof, fireproof, smooth surface, Scraping, not take off the high-quality gypsum products, is a variety of gypsum products to improve quality, grade, upgrading the election materials.Hydrocolloid Plaster
     Water paste ratio: 50:100 (for reference only, the actual water paste than please determine through the experiment, to obtain the best local water paste ratio), initial coagulation: 5-10 minutes (or according to user requirements), final coagulation: 10-15 minutes (or according to user requirements, Initial hard: 20-30 minutes (or according to user requirements) Demoulding: 20-30 minutes (or according to user requirements), hard: 7-28 days, after dry penetration strength 18-28mpa, compressive strength 32-62mpa, solidification swelling rate 0.02-0.08%, whiteness: First Class ≥80% Second-class ≥70% (can be based on user requirements plus a variety of colors), fineness ≥200 mesh, gypsum solidification, the surface hard and smooth, nails and ordinary hard objects are not moved, scraping, do not take off powder, fire, waterproof, water can be cleaned. Make large area slate not deformed.Hydrocolloid Plaster
     Main uses: Construction industry: Senior smallpox, gypsum board, Gypsum lines, GRG Gypsum, senior villas, theatres, entertainment, murals, reliefs, Roman pillars, decoration. Products surface smooth, scraping, not to take off powder, waterproof, fire, if dirty can be used to scrub water. Handicraft industry: can replace the resin to make solid or hollow core of a variety of handicrafts, high surface strength, smooth, young, can be painted color does not fall. Furniture doors and Windows industry: The interior of large furniture, doors, windows inside the frame and so on. Garden or outdoor production of sculpture products, can replace the production of ceramic handicrafts (commonly known as baking-free ceramics) production of industrial superhard mold. such as: Ceramic Master Mold, wax erosion Master mold, shoe mold, casting mold, blister copper and so on.Hydrocolloid Plaster