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Part Of TheFirst Aid Kit And The Essentials Of Rescue
Sep 26, 2017

     Alcohol cotton: Used before first aid to sterilize hands or pliers and other tools. Gloves, Masks: can prevent the rescuer from being infected. 0.9% saline: Used to clean the wound. Based on hygiene requirements, it is best to choose a separate small package or medium sized bottle. It should be noted that the left after the Kaifeng should be thrown away, do not put into the first aid box. First Aid Kit

    If not, it can be replaced by unopened distilled or mineral water. Sterile gauze: Used to cover wounds. It is not like cotton is likely to leave cotton silk on the wound, when removed, will not affect the wound.First Aid Kit

In case of accident, should be calm and bold, careful and responsible, prioritize and decisively implement first aid methods; First, treatment of critically ill patients, and then treatment of patients with mild illness, in the same patient, the first treatment of life, and then treatment of local, to observe the environment, to ensure the safety of their own and the injured;First Aid Kit

    Bandages: Bandages are elastic, used to bind wounds without interfering with blood circulation. 2-inch suitable for the hand, 3 inches for the foot. Triangular towel: Also known as triangular bandages, with a variety of uses, can be supported by injured upper limbs, fixed dressings or fractures and so on. Adhesive tape: Paper tape can be fixed gauze, because does not irritate the skin, suitable for ordinary people to use; Band-Post: Cover small wounds.First Aid Kit

    Fresh-keeping paper: Use it will not close to the characteristics of the wound, in the hospital before the package burns, scald parts. Bag mask or artificial respiration mask: To prevent infection when artificial respiration is applied. Round head scissors, pliers: round head scissors are more safe, can be used to cut open tape or bandages. First Aid Kit

   When necessary, can also be used to cut off clothing. Pliers can replace both hands with dressings, or pliers to the wound on the dirt and so on. Flashlight: When working in a dark environment, you can use it for illumination;First Aid Kit