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Paper Tape Filter Method
Oct 12, 2017

A filter with a filter and a filter on the screen chain, and a filter and a filter paper placed on the upper portion of the screen Of the motor connected. By adjusting the height of the upper part of the filter paper and the length of the floating external cable to make it in the best position; by adding a timer controller in the PLC program, the floating signal will be converted into motor rotation signal, when the timer reaches the set time After the motor to send a stop signal, so that the motor suspended.Paper Tape As a result of the use of motor delay start and stop the control mode, so that the number of motor starts dropped, the service life increased. Silk chain in the grinding fluid soak time and area to reduce the corrosion probability. And the consumption of filter paper can be reduced by 3 times. Suitable for filtration in roll grinding fluids.Paper Tape

Replace the standard rotation for the continuous wear test in the rotary counter after counting the sound to stop the motor running, the use of hexagonal wrench hand to release the rocker arm and bearing cam drive shaft of the screw (the screw is fixed on the shaft , It probably need to rotate 3 laps before release). The bottom of the drive shaft has two small holes for the return to the standard rotary fixed, gently push the bearing and drive shaft to the operator's direction, until the ends of the gap without any contact and then stop, Screw (do not force).Paper Tape

Push the protruding shaft at the center of the right hand pressure roller (W) to the right, pull the front end of the tape with a left hand, pull it out for a length beyond the center wheel of the winding reel (D), and adjust the tape In the center of the roller, the front end of the paper is loaded into the cut of the center wheel of the winding reel, the right hand presses the pressure roller (W) to the right, the left hand rotates the center wheel in the counterclockwise direction, , Wound on the center wheel. Note: The two fixing screws of the winding reel must be tightened to rotate the winding reel Paper Tape