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Medical Bandages Dressing Method
Oct 12, 2017

Gauze bandage: breathable soft, suitable for fixed dressings. Pressurized hemostasis, hanging limbs and fixed joints, etc., the clinical use of the most. Elastic bandage roll: suitable for limb dressing, can prevent swelling, or for chest wound dressing. Gypsum reel belt: due to fracture and correction of deformity.Bandages Reel method: Ring method: only wrapped in the original ring overlap winding, after a week completely cover the previous week. The first week can be oblique winding, the first 2,3 weeks for the ring winding, and the first week out of the circle outside the bandage angle back to the circle, when the first 2 weeks when it will be pressed, and then repeated winding, to prevent Loose bandage loose. Used mostly at the beginning and end of the dressing. Spiral wrapping method: spiral wound, after the week before the cover of about 1/3 ~ 1/2, for the upper arm, thighs, torso, fingers and other similar parts of the diameter, mostly for the trunk and limbs.Bandages

The simple one is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton cloth, suitable for limbs, tail, head and chest and abdomen. Complex bandages are made of various shapes and shapes of bandages, the material for the double-layer cotton, which can be sandwiched between different thickness of cotton, surrounded by cloth, in order to knot fixed, such as eye bandages, back bandage, front Chest bandages, belly bandages and bandages. Special bandages in the limbs and joints for fixed use. With: used to fix the perineal dressings and improve the scrotum.Bandages

Back to the bandage method: for the head, fingertips and limb stump, for a series of left and right or back and forth backpack, will be covered by all the parts covered, and then ring for two weeks). Implementation rules and precautions for bandage dressing: the position of the injured person should be appropriate. Limb shelter to adapt to the location, so that patients in the process of dressing to maintain physical comfort, reduce the patient's pain. Limb dressing must be in functional position. The contractor usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the facial expression of the patient. Generally should be from the inside out, and from the telephoto end to the trunk bandage. At the beginning of the dressing, be wrapped in two rings to fix the bandage.Bandages