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Introduction To The Use Of Bandages
Oct 18, 2017

Reel type: gauze roll bandage: breathable soft, suitable for fixed dressings, pressure to stop bleeding, hanging limbs and fixed joints, the most used clinically. Elastic bandage roll: suitable for limb dressing, can prevent swelling, or for chest wound dressing. Gypsum reel belt: due to fracture and correction of deformity.Bandages

Ring method: only wrapped in the original ring overlap winding, after a week completely cover the previous week. The first week can be oblique winding, the first 2,3 weeks for the ring winding, and the first week out of the circle outside the bandage angle back to the circle, when the first 2 weeks when it will be pressed, and then repeated winding, to prevent Loose bandage loose. Used mostly at the beginning and end of the dressing.Bandages

Medical bandages in the surgical use is mainly used for dressing damaged wounds, to prevent wound bleeding infection, the use of orthopedic trauma is to prevent the medical splint off, so that the medical splint in the patient fracture firm fixation. Medical use of the bandages and medical bandage precautions can not be ignored, not any injury can be bandaged with medical bandages. Medical bandages before use, we must pay attention to the patient's injury situation, in the medical bandage precautions, the patient's injury site without the possibility of swelling can be used.Bandages

In the operation, because some special bandage will be attached to the exposed skin or clothes, so the medical staff operation, be sure to bring protective gloves, to prevent bandages attached to the hands of health care workers. Some bandages in use will produce some heat, the patient may feel uncomfortable, this bandage winding more, the greater the heat, so according to the patient's ability to adapt, choose the appropriate dressing method. Be sure to type the patient, do not wet the medical bandage, bandages in the wet case, has been wrapped in the skin, will lead to skin does not adapt, uncomfortable.Bandages