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Internal Introduction To First Aid Kit
Sep 06, 2017

     It is specifically designed for first aid treatment after bitten by snakes or insects; Includes: drug signature; alcohol disinfection pad; decompression pump; suction cup; elastic bandage; razor; portable bag. There is a certain pressure and waterproof. This kit is equipped with emergency wound hemostatic product "Blood shield" quick-acting hemostatic powder, on average 30 seconds can stop the movement, the vein haemorrhage. There are high-quality aseptic dressings, gauze, bandages, triangular towels, disposable gloves, etc., can be effective in the accident to stop bleeding and prevent wound infection.First Aid Kit
     Earthquake emergency kits, our country should have: radio, whistle or other letter device, bottled water, compressed biscuit, sweet chocolate, vitamin tablets, Passbook, ID card, contact list of friends and relatives with telephone and address, money, heat preservation blanket, gloves a pair, flashlight, battery, cell phone, medicine (including red syrup, iodine, hot ointment , eye drops, anti-inflammatory powder and other drugs, antipyretic tablets, heart pills, painkillers, diarrhea drugs, antibiotics and other medication, such as triangular towel, tourniquet, bandages, adhesive tape, thermometer, scissors, alcohol cotton ball and other medical materials. )First Aid Kit
     Cold medicine, phone card, pencil, book, candle match, Swiss Army knife, raincoat. Japanese families have a kit. The kit has: water, food, medicine, replacement clothes, towels, flashlights, radios, batteries, paper pens, family members telephone, and some even put family photos, wills, property and so on. (Food and water are regularly checked for replacement.) The balcony is also equipped with a dozen ropes for escape. The preparation work is not detailed, the invisible saves time, creates the survival opportunity. Many times it is often to save money and lose life.First Aid Kit