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Home First Aid Kit Configuration And General Configuration
Oct 18, 2017

Bandages: Bandages are elastic, used to dress wounds, without prejudice to blood circulation. 2 inch for the hand, 3 inch for the foot.First Aid Kit 

Triangle: also known as triangular bandage, with a variety of purposes, can support the injured upper limbs, fixed dressings or fractures and so on. Safety buckle: fixed triangular towel or bandage. Tape: paper tape can be fixed gauze, because it does not stimulate the skin, suitable for ordinary people; zinc oxide tape can be fixed bandage. Band-Aid: covered with small wounds.First Aid Kit Fresh paper: use it will not close to the characteristics of the wound, before sending the hospital wrapped in burns, burns. Bagged mask or artificial respiration mask: to apply artificial respiration, to prevent infection. Round scissors, pliers: round scissors safer, can be used to cut the tape or bandage. If necessary, can also be used to cut clothes. Pliers can replace the hands with dressings, or pliers to the dirt on the wound and so on. Flashlight: in the dark environment rescue, it can be used to illuminate; also faint people do pupil response. Cotton swab: used to clean the area of small bleeding wound. Ice packs: place in the bruises, muscle strain or joint sprain, so that microvascular contraction can help reduce swelling. Nosebleeds, placed in the injured forehead, can help stop bleeding.First Aid Kit

Home first aid kit is generally equipped with various types of household drugs and emergency supplies, such as aspirin, antibiotic ointment, disinfectant, cortisone, hand sanitizer, a variety of specifications gauze and bandages, quick cold cloth, emergency blanket, body temperature, tweezers , Scissors, gloves and first aid guide, etc .; field first aid kit also equipped with vacuum pump, snake medicine, eye drops, cool oil, Qufeng oil and so on.First Aid Kit