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Excellent Performance Of Bandages
Sep 26, 2017

     High hardness, light weight: After the detection of cured bandage hardness is 20 times times the traditional gypsum, this feature ensures the correct reduction of reliable and firm fixed role. Fixed with less material, light weight, equivalent to gypsum weight of 1/5, thickness of 1/3, can make the affected small load, on the fixed function exercise to reduce the burden, conducive to blood circulation, promote healing. Bandages

     Second, after the plaster solidification, still have certain brittleness, therefore, when the load is too large, can cause fracture, resulting in the replacement of fracture after the restoration, and the bandage polyurethane material is composed of soft chain segment and Hardness section, this feature effectively reduces the risk of the affected department by external force and again damage the possibility, thus effectively safeguarding the fixed role.Bandages

     Note: The same part of the fixed, the material of the bandage than gypsum to save at least 1/3. such as the forearm tube type, gypsum bandage dosage 3 volume, bandage dosage 1 rolls. Lower extremity tube type, gypsum bandage dosage 25 volume, bandage dosage 5 rolls. Porous, good air permeability: the bandage used a high-quality raw yarn, the unique mesh-making technology, with good air permeability, conducive to skin ventilation, to solve the local tube-type bandaging caused by hot skin, itching and other problems.Bandages

    Excellent X-ray transmission: The permeability of the bandage to the radiation is excellent, the X-ray effect is clear, in favor of the doctor in the treatment process, at any time to understand the healing of the limb. And the transmission of gypsum is relatively poor, sometimes only after the removal of fixed, can clearly understand the healing situation. This avoids the need for a two-time reinstall of the healing standard that is sometimes found after the plaster is removed by the X-ray examination.Bandages

    Good waterproof: After the bandage is hardened, the surface is smooth, the absorption rate of water is 85% lower than that of gypsum and general glass fiber, and even if the limb is exposed to the water, it can effectively guarantee the dryness of the patient's department. Also not afraid of two times soaking, can wear bandages for bathing and spa.Bandages