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Cotton Swabs
Aug 29, 2017

                Purify cotton swabs, also known as dust-free cotton swabs, dust-free wiping stick, is in the purification room production of a clean cotton swabs, is from the English cleanroom swabs translation, and clean cotton swab must be strictly in accordance with the production requirements of dust-free room, by a professional manufacturer of dust-free cotton swabs, otherwise the quality is difficult to ensure.Cotton Swabs

                Purifying cotton swabs, also known as dust-free cotton swabs, is a clean cotton swab produced in the cleanroom. Cotton swabs are generally referred to by the medical absorbent cotton and refined bamboo or wood rod processing, cotton head absorbent strong, suction disinfection liquid, can make disinfection liquid evenly wipe the skin, achieve disinfection effect, apply to the skin disinfection and surgical dressings, can also be used for make-up and makeup. But purifying cotton swabs in the purification industry has included: absorbent cotton, sponge head cotton swabs, cotton swabs and foam cotton swabs and so on.Cotton Swabs

                Refers to in the dust-free purification workshop production, slitting, forming, cleaning, packaging of an industrial or medical cotton swab, the whole process in the purification room production, to ensure the cleanliness of cotton swabs. Clean cotton swabs are usually highly absorbent, tenacity, wear resistance and other features, will not scratch the wiping device, will not drop debris. Particles and liquid into the cotton swab hole, will not fall out or easy extrusion, with good locking ability, is a good purification room production of cleaning consumables, in the production process of the special environment (wipe cloth can not wipe) to eliminate contaminants and keep clean. After wiping, the chemical residue content is low. Combustible, easy to deal with, environmentally friendly environment. Most of the cleaning swabs are electrically conductive and can keep the operator and tools grounded. Scope of application: laser and related industries, semiconductor and related industries, optics, electron microscope, magnetic reading and writing head cleaning, video head, head cleaning, precision devices and so on. Origin: Japan, the application of 10 purification workshop.Cotton Swabs