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Configuration Of First Aid Kit And Analysis Of Field Conditions
Sep 15, 2017

     Outdoor kit, outdoor emergency kits, with the increasing popularity of outdoor sports, people should not be overlooked outdoor safety. Outdoor emergency kits may come in handy at a critical time. Outdoor emergency kits have 9 kinds of items: life jackets: Can help you in an emergency A lifeline: Made of 2.6mm of aviation steel wire ropes, cocoa fixed on solid objects; life-saving food: lifesaving rations and lifesaving fresh water; signal tools: lithium-ion lamp, whistle and so on to send a distress signal; simple insulation bag: In cold environment for the cold.First Aid Kit

     Waterproof flashlight: Night necessary; Radar reflector: Radar can be accurately positioned; daylight signal mirrors: can send a signal to the air rescue personnel; The rocket parachute signal: can be fired to the high altitude of about 200 meters, to facilitate the rescue personnel to determine the position. Save supplies to do a fully sealed packaging in the first aid box, although the first aid box to waterproof, but double insurance for the life to be saved is more secure. Try to select medicines that do not cause strong allergic reactions, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Otherwise, they will be killed in the case of panic or ignorance!First Aid Kit

    First aid boxes are best for those with sturdy handles or hooks, and in some cases you'll need to hang the first aid kit to do some climbing, which is more convenient. In the first-aid box, always have a good pen and book, always pay attention to record the patient's situation, in the hospital when the doctor will thank you for doing so.First Aid Kit

    In the wild, no one can anticipate what is going on. A first-aid kit can prolong your life and be sure to carry it with you. The first aid kit is stocked with the following items for basic first aid: a variety of widths and materials in the field to deal with different areas and types of damage. General: Gauze Roll Strip bandage: suitable for treatment of general wounds, mainly for the use of fixed dressings. First Aid Kit

    Elastic rolling Strip bandage: elastic, in addition to the treatment of wounds, can be used to deal with general tension, sprains, varicose veins and other injuries, to fix the limb and reduce swelling. Triangular bandages: Triangular bandages can be used in full, or folded into narrow, different bandages. Usually used for hand hanging, supporting the upper limb.First Aid Kit