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Bandages And Precautions
Sep 15, 2017

     Overview description, Nature, function and use: a kind of water-cured bandage with polyester polyurethane as coating, two packages, powder: 2:1, can replace gypsum for fracture fixation, has the advantages of good X-ray performance, no change in strength after soaking, breathable, light weight and convenient for patients ' activities.Bandages

     A simple one is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton, suitable for limbs, tails, head, and chest and abdomen. The compound bandage is a kind of bandage which is made of various shapes according to the position and the shape, the material is the double layer cotton cloth, in the meantime can clamp different thickness cotton, the periphery has the cloth, so that the knot is fixed, such as eye bandage, back waist bandage, chest bandage, abdomen bandage and armour The special bandage is used for fixing the limbs and joint parts. Belt: For fixing perineal dressings and improving scrotal use.Bandages

    Bandaging method: For the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and other joint parts of the bandage and fixed clavicle fracture. Take elbow joint as an example, first in the middle of the joint to bind 2 rolls, bandage first around the joint, then through the flexion side around the joint, the back side of the limb around the flexion of the limb and then around the joint, so repeatedly, the "8" word continuously bandaged in the joint, each volume and the previous volume overlap 2/3, and finally in the joint above the annular bandage 2 volumes, Tape fixed.Bandages

    The implementation rules and precautions of bandage dressing: The position of the injured person should be appropriate. The limb is put on position, so that the patient can keep the body comfortable during the bandaging process and reduce the patient's pain. The limb bandaging must be in functional position. The person in the bag usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the facial expression. Generally should be from inside out, and from the far heart to the torso to bind. When the bandage begins, a two-ring bandage shall be used to fasten the bandage. The bandage should be mastered to avoid falling. The bandage rolls and must be flat affixed to the dressing area.Bandages

    The pressure should be equal every week and not too light to avoid falling off. Should not be too tight to avoid a circular barrier. In addition to acute bleeding, open wound or fracture patients, the local cleaning must be made before the bandage is dry. Rings, Kim King and watch necklaces are equal to the dressing before removal.Bandages