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Aug 29, 2017

              The mesh bandage is a new member of the medical bandage family, it breaks through the traditional bandage concept, uses the new mentality design to become, will stockings the advantage of the sleeve the full application to the bandage above, the bandage does not have to go round round winding. Select a certain type of mesh elastic bandage according to the size of the fixed part, and cut the bandage according to the proportion: (fixed location length: Mesh Elastic bandage ===4:1), and then according to the actual shape of the fixed part of the arrangement, like wearing socks, "wear" up on the line.Bandages

              Instead of traditional bandages, mesh tube type, make the nursing work become very simple, convenient, make the work more efficient; very economical: the material cost is equal to One-third to one-fifth of traditional bandage, can make the wound to be able to ventilate greatly, be advantageous to restore; Any part of the body where the bandage is fixed, especially where the bandages are inconvenient.Bandages

              Applied to medical care, home self-help nursing, outdoor sports, field first aid, sports, postoperative care and various sports injuries, sprain of limbs, soft tissue rubbing, joint pain has a greater adjuvant treatment, especially for the treatment of varicose veins, bone injury gypsum after the removal of swelling control, can achieve a certain rehabilitation effect. Product Specifications: Suitable for different parts of the human body and different age groups, Allfit mesh bandage according to the diameter of the bandage has 11 specifications, each box 6.5 meters each.Bandages

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