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Application Of Paper Tape Machine
Sep 06, 2017

      In fact, earlier than the telex typewriter, the keyboard has been on the computer attached equipment, in the computer or can occupy a hall of the era, the main computer input equipment is perforated paper tape and punched cards, these tapes and cards of course, they are not a little bit of manual wear out, they are using a special "paper piercing" and "card piercing" to wear out, and on both machines also has a very similar to the ordinary typewriter of the electric typewriter as an input device. In contrast, the two devices are not part of the computer, which is different from the telex typewriter, so we do not use them as part of the development of the computer keyboard.Paper Tape
     "Telex typewriter" is in the keyboard + display input and output devices before the main interactive input and output device, you can think of it as a printer with a keyboard, the user played the word and the results of the computer printout will be printed on the front of the keyboard printout. The "Telex typewriter" is the most important computer interactive input/output machine for mainframe computers (Maincomputer) and the small computer (Smallcomputer) era. After the middle of the 70, as the display design matured, the telex typewriter gradually withdrew from the world of computers, and the keyboard from from out to become a self-contained device.Paper Tape
     The keyboard of the "telex typewriter" is not as pressing and so many functions as today's computer keyboard, in fact it is almost the same as the full-size typewriter keyboard, the following is the mechanical key structure of the Bakelite plastic, which is also inherited by the early computer keyboard. In this period, because the size of the personal computer is still very small, so popular design is the keyboard directly on the mainframe, the famous II series of computers is such a structure. But as IBM PCs began to introduce a large hard drive into PCs, the independent keyboard became the mainstream design in the mid 80.Paper Tape
      The early keyboards were almost mechanical keyboards, which were precisely mechanical contact keyboards, which used electrical contact contacts as symbols and used mechanical metal springs as elastic mechanisms. This keyboard is hard to handle, key stroke length, key resistance changes quickly crisp, feel very close to the typewriter keyboard, so very popular at the time, until today still a considerable number of people miss the touch of this keyboard.Paper Tape