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Zhejiang HongYu medical commodity co., LTD and 8S standard management finished product warehouse [Jun 15,2016]
Feb 21, 2017

Zhejiang HongYu  medical commodity co., LTD and 8 s standard management finished product warehouse


       hongyu medicine was founded in 2002, the dressing products, first aid kit products, cotton products, medical patches, medical adhesive tape products, children's care products, family care to protect the products sell well in China's pharmaceutical market, our products have been in China for 6000 medicine store purchases.The company has expanded further.We have 200 million yuan in the Chinese market sales.At the same time we red rain medical supplies co., LTD., the production of pharmaceutical products sell well in the global pharmaceutical market.We hongyu medical  pharmaceutical product best-selling drug stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmaceutical products wholesale, school, family care, Christmas gifts, etc.Medical supplies hongyu existing staff of 420, the products sell well all over the world.Welcome the broad masses of the health care industry to hongyu pharmaceutical companies cooperation a win-win situation, operation success!