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Feb 24, 2017


Zhejiang hongyu medical commodity co.,ltd made all kinds of bandages and cotton swabs and wound dressing and hot patch and cooling patch and first aid kit. all products passed  ISO3485  bandages certificate and CE bandages certificate and SGS bandages certificarte and FDA bandages certificate and DESNEY bandages certificate. same time ,china zhejiang hongyu medical manufactory load in yiwu city zhejiang province china . hongyu medical made all ISO3485 cotton swabs and ISO3485 wound dressing .
ISO 13485 Wound plaster and ISO3485 cool patch .so more customers like deal with china hongyu medical company .they usually choose have ISO3485 medical products.   CE Cotton swabs and CE wound dressing and CE cooling patch and CE hot tiger patch . all  CE medical prodcuts hot sell for europe medical market. 
all china hongyu medical CE medical products and ISO13485 medical products and FDA medical products and SGS medical prodcuts all hot sell for europe medical shops and  clincs . all CE medical products hot sell for europe medical market . all FDA medical prodcuts hot sell for USA medical prodcuts market.