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Great hongyu medical team on Dubai Big 5 medical fair [Jun 15,2016]
Feb 20, 2017

Great hongyu medical team on Dubai Big 5 medical fair

                                      [Jun 15,2016]


HongYu  medicine every year to participate in the excellent dubai BIG5 medical equipment exhibition
      smileplus brand  bandages build factories in the past 15 years in dubai BIG5 medical equipment exhibition every year.The company has the outstanding medical enterprise business service commissioner.With a large number of dubai in every medical apparatus and instruments exhibition, pharmacy customers Iran pharmacy customers, and pharmacy customers in Egypt, Kuwait pharmacy customers, Saudi Arabia pharmacy customers, pharmacy in the Middle East customers to visit to negotiate orders.At the same time, a lot of hospital medical equipment purchase dubai, dubai hospital to buy Chinese red rain medical dressing products, cooling products, cotton products, first aid kit products.Saudi hospital dressing, bulk purchasing China red rain production children navel stick, cooling, the tiger, ReTie, cold iron, bandage products.HongYu pharmaceutical production of medical consumables selling medical supplies in the Middle East market, at the same time, the Middle East market for red rain production strips and first aid kit products and apply the paste products are full of praise!