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Customers like this first aid kit design and show on top of their building [May 19,2016]
Feb 23, 2017


China zhejiang hongyu medical commodity co.,ltd load in zhejiang yiwu city. we are professional made all kinds of bandages and cotton swabs and new first aid kit and  wound dressing and wound plaster and carton bandages factory in china . our factory have own professional design team . our design team have good design advertisement for all customers. so more customers choose our factory design AD and then they usually choose our AD free fee and show  ad on their building  or shop gate .   this is good for customers. if you become china hongyu medical customers and cooperation together you wii have our factory free fee ad . also  we can post AD with goods together for you as free fee. this is good idea for all customers. so if you interesting our factory medical products and want to show our medical products in your shop .we will free fee AD meterial for you . hope we can help your business growing up win by win.